Rules of Use

Rules of Use

       In order to ensure a safe and comfortable stay for our guests. our Hote l requests that every guest comply w ith the following Rules of Use (hereinafter referred to as '"the Rules"), based on Article 1O of the Terms and Condition of Accommodation Contracts. Our hotel reserves the right to refuse to allow any guest who fails to observe the Rules to stay at our Hotel or use the facilities (stipulated in Article 1).
Please note that any guest who violates the Rules shall be responsible for any accidents that occur.

1.    (Applicable Scope)
The Rules shall apply to all hotel guests using any facilities inside our Hotel (these include our Hotel facilities, restaurant. lounge. shop, lobby, parking lot. grounds. etc., hereinaft er collectively known as '"hotel fa cilities"). In addition to the Rules applying to hotel guests (hereinaft er referred to as "the Guest'"), the Terms and Conditions of Accommodation Contracts set forth by our Hotel shall also apply.

2.    (Safety and Security Precautions)
1    There is an evacuation route sign posted on the door of each room. Please familiarize yourself with the evacuation route from your room.
2    Please confirm your door is locked upon leaving your room during your stay. (All rooms have automatically-locking doors.)
3    Please engage the inside lock and door hook during your stay and particularly when you go to sleep. Should anyone knock on your door, check who they are first with the door hook engaged or using the peephole. If you become suspicious of someone, please contact the front desk.
4    Outside visit ors other than registered hotel guests are not allowed to occupy the hotel room overnight nor meet the Guest inside his/her room.
5    Visitors are not allowed to visit our Hotel after 11:00 p.m.
6    Please refrain from smoking in bed.
7    Please do not bring open-flame devices. such as fo r heating or cooking, as well as clothes irons etc. into the room.
8    Please refrain from any other actions that may result in a fire.
9    Please do not enter any areas not for the Guest to use, such as the backyard, the emergency staircase, or the machine room.

3.    (Valuables and Handling of Checked Articles)
1    Our Hote l is not responsible nor liable for the safe deposit box placed in the guest room.
2    Any lost or forgo tten checked  articles shall, in principle, be held for 7 days from the checked date (or the date the article was found),  unless other wise directed, and shall then be handled according to legally-stipulated procedures. (However, Paragraph 2 and Paragraph 3, Article 16 of the Terms and Conditions of Accommodation Contracts shall be applied to the Guest.)

4.    (Payment)
1    Depending on the circumstances,our Hotel may charge a deposit upon the arrival of the Guest.
2    Checks other than traveler's checks may not be used fo r payment and are not cashed.
3    Our Hotel does not offer advances for fares for plane tickets, trains , buses or taxis.
4    When signing for the bill at the restaurant, lounge etc. in our Hotel, please always present your room key (card key).
5    Please be reminded that facility charge shall be added. if the room phone has been used.
6    Payment may be made by currency, travel er' s checks and credit cards. However, the Guest shall settle the bills, whenever exceeding 100,000 yen.
7    In addition to the specified tax rate, our Hotel also collects a 10% service fee on the bill. Please refrain from otherwise tipping hotel employees.
8    Should the Guest request to change his/he r scheduled stay, please contact the front desk in advance. When the Guest requests to extend his/her stay, our Hotel shall require the Guest to pay the bill fo r his/ her stay up to that point.

5.    (Prohibitions on the Use of the Facilities by Anti-social Forces)
Our Hotel refuses service inside our Hotel fo r any of the fo ll ow ing groups or individuals. Additionally, should these groups or individuals be discovered even after the Accommodation Contract has been concluded or during the use of h o tel services, ou r Hotel reserves the right to refuse all use of services at the time of discovery and thereafter.
a.    Gang groups (here in after referred to as "gang group") stipulated in Item 2, Article 2 and members of gang group (hereinafter referred to as "gang members") stipulated
in Item 6, Article 2 of the Act on the Prevention of Unjust Acts by Gang Group Members (Act No. 77 of 1991), gang group semi-regular members, gang member related persons, or other antisocial forces.
b.    When gang group or gang members are associates of corporations or other bodies to control business activities.
c.    In a corporate body which has persons relevant to gang groups or gang members in its board member.
d.    When any vio lence , injuries, intimidati on, threats , unreasonable authoritarian demands or other similar actions are made.

6.    (Other Prohibited Activities)
Please refrain from bringing articles corresponding to the foll ow ing int o the hotel facilities that may bother other hotel guests.
a.    All animals and pets, such as dogs. cats. and birds. (However, this excludes guide dogs and service dogs)
b.    Gunpowder, volatile oils and other dangerous products that may ignite or combust.
c.    Articles that are fou l smelling or emit a strong odor.
d.    Firearms, swords/bladed weapons and drugs that are prohibited by law.
e.    Excessive amounts of luggage or articles.
f.    Other articles that are prohibited to be carried by law.
2    Please refrain from using the guest room or the lobby as a sales venue.
3    Please refrain from sales of unauth orized goods, or distributing leaflets or advertisements in our Hotel facilities.
4    Any photographs taken inside our Hotel facilities and used for profit purposes may be targeted for legal action. Please refrain from using pictures of our Hotel fo r profit.
5    Please do not leave your belongings in the hallway or lobby. (Articles left for an extended period of time are subject to search and storage.)
6    Please refrain from gambling, disturbing the peace, indecency, and other actions in our Hotel fa cilities that shall disturb or anger other hotel guests.
7    Please refrain from yelling, singing loud ly, screaming or other noisy behavior in our Hote l facilities that shall disturb other hotel guests.
8    Ordering food from outside of our Hotel is not allowed.
9    Please refrain from hanging ob jects on the windows, displaying articles on the windows, and other behaviors that may adversely affect the external appearance of our Hotel.
10    Please refrain from walking around the lobby, restaurant and other Hotel facilities in nightwear, slippers, underwear, etc.
11    Visitors other than registered hotel guests are not allowed to occupy the hotel room overnight.
12    Please refrain from smoking in corridor, lobby and other non-smoking area.
13    Minors are not allowed to stay by themselves in the hotel, unless parental permission is granted.
14    Our Hotel reserves the right to refuse service to the Guest who is not able to secure his/her safety or poses a danger or fear to other hotel guests due to a psychotic episode induced through a mental breakdown or drug use.
15    Please refrain from using any facilities/eq uipment inside our Hotel for any other purpose other than their intended use and in any other place than their designated location.
16    Should any structure, furniture. or other article be damaged, soiled or lost. suitable compensation may be collected fo r such, regardless of intent.
17    Should any structure, furniture or other article be damaged, soiled or lost fo r any reason o ther than force majeure, appropriate compensation may be collected for such.
18    The Guest shall not enter emergency staircases, the roof, the penthouse, and the machine room, except in emergencies.
19    Any other behavior deemed inappropriate by our Hotel.